Yoga everywhere! Keep up with your yoga practice during the summer.

During the summer I haven't felt as connected to my personal yoga practice as usual (with yoga I mean asana). I have practiced regularly, but the summer has been filled with so many impressions, that to be able to really sink in to my practice has been challlenging. Still, back at my mat this week I feel stronger and more flexible than ever.  

Don't be too hard on yourself

Feel bad if you don't practice every day? My advice is; don't! Ask yourself why you didn't practice. Maybe because you were on a awsome vacation? Maybe you met some cool people that you wanted to hang out with? Maybe you just enjoyed the moment and totally forgot about yoga? Then ask yourself; was it worth it? If the answer is yes, dont beat yourself up. 

Yoga everywhere

To keep up with your physical yogapractice you don't need to do traditional asana every single day, it's a lot of activities that can be as mindful as yoga and strenghten your practice as well. Yoga is about connecting with your inner self, move with your breath, strenghten your body and strenghten your mind. How you want to do it is completely up to you. This summer I mixed asana with surfing, stand up paddle boarding and hiking. All of theese activities felt mindful, strengthening and gave me all the same benefits as a yoga class would have done. If you are a true yogi, you will always come back to your mat! 

Trust your practice

Yoga is not yoga if your head and your breath is not in it, then its just like a regular workout at the gym. That is why I think it's better to "go with the flow" a littlebit, especially in summer.  There is plenty of "everyday's" during the year, and plenty of months to do asana every day. If you have a strong physical yoga practice, a week of can't kill it, you just have to trust it.    

The amazing thing about our body is that it has a pretty good memory card, the muscle memory. You are not going to lose the ability to do the postures you worked hard to learn, they will easily come back to you when you start practicing again. 

First time I got in to this pose, after a week off my mat! 

First time I got in to this pose, after a week off my mat! 

Enjoy summer! Just do a downwarddog every now and then, feels great!