Counting days, hours, minutes and seconds!

If anybody wonders why I haven't posted anything on the blog lately, I can tell you that there is a perfectly good explanation. The last couple of weeks I have been caught in a "cant-wait-to-go-on-my-next-travel-bubble",  and all I do is  work my ass off to get everything organized before I leave, and work my ass off at work, while I'm counting days, hours, minutes and seconds until I'm finally back on the road for seven more months!

Right now I'm feeling a little lost in my hometown, it feels like I am just visiting for a few weeks. Why is it, that when you suddenly fall in love with travelling, home doesn't feel like home anymore? Probably sounds like a cliche, but it is totally how I feel.

Give me a couple of weeks and I will be back. In the meantime, I promise to check in.